Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Sonnet

While this one did not follow all the the conventions of an English sonnet, I found that it was the most pleasant to read. Enjoy!

By Ana Fuca Pedro

Your poems make me feel all warm inside.
When I'm with you, my heart glows
Sometimes I just can't decide.
What would I do without your prose?
When we are together, the world is alive.
You make me feel like a princess
how could I ever survive?
I can't focus on any other business.
Let's run away
you and I
This coming May
My oh my...
We'll forever be
Just you and me.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Desk Job

The first school I taught at had few of the luxuries the standard teacher would like. One of those luxuries was having your own classroom. We had to move from classroom to classroom and we could never maintain the desk arrangement we wanted.

This year at my new school I was assigned my very own classroom! Al my paperwork and my work space is on one place! I was getting so much.more work done than ever before. But these las few months I have become more and more comfortable, too comfortable in fact, behind my desk. I don't walk around as much as I used to and as much as I know this needs to change, I find that I am glued to my chair.

So here's the plan. I will from now on ensure that I am standing when my learners arrive and remain so for the duration of the lesson.

On the bright side, it's good to experience such things, because one learns new ways to solve problems. And being able to identify the problem is really how we move forward and be better teachers

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The English Sonnet

The most rewarding thing about teaching is when your learners surprise you. They take an assignment that you have given them and they run with it. I have been teaching my grade 9s the English Sonnet,its  structure, thought patterns and themes. I then challenged them to write their own sonnets using the same conventions. Below are two of the sonnets I enjoyed the most:

Burn My Heart By Lehlohonolo Dube

Your eyes compete with the sun's glare every day
questioning if later yourself would be the sun.
Oh how I'd watch you rise every single day
your brightness pierces me like a bullet from a gun
The sun is too hot for me to hold
although you are just as hot, you aren't as big.
you would make the perfect fit, truth be told
If my love for you is a hole, so on I dig.
But let the sun be for we can't live without it
as I can not be without yourself
to replace it you would become with it
but with you out of this world I'd be by myself
shine on, that is what you are meant to do
as forever you will burn my heart too.

By Keletso Nakedi

What better word to use than love
because it is all that you give
as white as that beautiful dove
you are all that I need to live
Your voice as deep as the base in that song -
the beat that is pumping at the pace of my heart
what could ever possibly go wrong?
 our love can never fall apart
oh yes my love for you will always grow
even with the pains it may come with
when you are in my sight my eyes will blow
your love only comes once like snow
I vow to love you as big as the sun
and promise you never to run.