Friday, March 8, 2013

Obituary of Moena Abrahams

Moena Abrahams was born on 18 March 1950. She was the youngest and only daughter of Suleiman and Sies Mariam Abrahams. She began her primary school education at Buckingham High School and went on to matriculate there. Moena stayed at home after school to help with the family business. She fell in love and married Pretty-Boy with whom she had three children. She died during a strike where was part of a stampeed. She is survived by her husband, three children, her parents and her three older brothers. Rest in peace Onse Moena.

Diary entry - 08/ 03/13

Dear  Diary

Visits with my dad are bittersweet. I hate that I have to lie to him. He thinks that I run a boarding house! If he found out the truth, he would be so ashamed of me. The Butterfly and the boys from Winsor Park  all did such a good job putting his party together and also keeping secret safe. I can't imagine why he has never said anything about it, but the only important thing is that he comes to visit me every year.