Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teacher Problems

June 16 just passed by. I didn't want to commemorate by wearing school uniform and I certainly wanted nothing to do with teenagers. I didn't want to share with them how important education and learning is. I didn't  want to talk about the struggle or Hector Petersen. All these things are our day to day;our 9 - 5. Every day we are faced with young people who don't fully grasp the opportunity they have to learn that so many don't have. Give us a break on these holidays!

It's that time of the year. It's nearing the  midterm and I have very little energy to get up and teach something new. But I know there is work that I need to cover because after midterm, the mid year exams will come and I don't  want to think that I have done these kids an injustice.

Maybe it's some way of consoling myself to say that I have not sold them short. It's just that with all of our lesson plans and term schedules, one would think we have some train of thought and intention with our teaching, right? But then there are assessments and marking of assessments and loading of marks and setting up remedial work then tracking their progress then filling the gaps then.... I feel myself drowning

And in the end I wonder what I have really done to help them....