Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nearing the End

An old house builder who was approaching retirement was asked by his employer to build one more house before retiring. He had spent many years building some of the most beautiful houses ever seen and he was now tired. He did not put much thought into the materials he used and really just worked to finish the house so he could stop working for good.

Finally the house was complete and he was eager to take his package and rest.  To his dismay, the builder's employer handed the builder the keys to the last house he had built as a retirement gift ....

It's two days before we close school for a month long holiday and I am bushed! It would be so easy to just go with the motions and put in no effort. After all I can pick it all up again next term when both me and my learners are fresh and ready to work. But it is important even in the last few days of school to keep working hard because hard work now will pay off later. It's too bad this particular pay off won't be in the form of a beautiful  house, though ;)

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