Friday, January 31, 2014

How it is

I can't believe we are seeing the end of January already. In many ways this new school is exactly what I was looking forward to. My focus is solely on the lessons I prepare and the various additional duties I have. So far there hasn't been a dull moment.

For some reason, I was expecting smarter children here; kids who would challenge what I know, but I'm learning quickly that kids are kids are kids. Sure, these new ones have iPads and speak fluent English, but they, just like my previous kids, mix up parts of speech and figures of speech; the need is the same.My fear in that regard has been eased.

I wish I had the ability to separate my personal life to my work life or rather, I wish I could base my happiness on the success of just one aspect of my life. If that was possible I really would be the happiest person in the land ( yes, exactly like a princess).

I hope I will resolve to this and at some point be happy.

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